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Metal Clad

MMC Metal Clad

MMC switchboard are made up of several interconnected functional units.
Power connections are made between functional units within a switchboard via a single line busbar.
The electrical continuity of all metal frames is provided by connection of each functional unit’s earthing
busbar to the switchboard’s main earthing circuit.
Low voltage wiring trays are provided in the switchboard above the LV control cabinets.
LV control cables can enter the switchboard through the top and bottom of the cubicle.
MMC is suitable for all electrical power distribution
requirements from 1 to 36/40.5 kV

MMC switchgear consists of withdrawable units designed for indoor installation.
MMC is designed for the MV section of HV/MV substations and high-power MV/MV substations.

MMC offers you:
• Pre-engineered solutions that can be adapted to your specific requirements
• Significantly reduced maintenance
• Local support centres throughout the world.

MMC gives you the advantages of:
• Continuity of service for your networks
• Enhanced safety for your staff and operations
• Optimized investment throughout the life of your installation
• The possibility of incorporating your medium voltage switchboard in a monitoring and control system.


MV Components
*Busbars for cubicle interconnection
*Withdrawable part (SF6 & Vacuum Circuit-Breaker)
*MV connections by cables accessible from rear
*Earthing switch
*Current Transformers
*Voltage Transformers ( fixed or drawable with fuse)
LV Control Cabinet
*Low voltage auxiliaries and protection, monitoring and control unit are in one control cabinet,
separated from the medium voltage part.