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Primer Dağıtım Hücresi

PIX Primary Distribution Switchgear

Moduler primary distribution switchgear

PIX is an indoor, metal-enclosed withdrawable circuit breaker sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) or vacuum
switchgear intended for the MV section of HV/MV substations and high-power MV/MV substations with a
service voltage up to 24kV / 2500A.
The innovative PIX family consists of:
• PIX Compact - 17.5kV, 31,5kA, 2500A single busbar
• PIX - up to 24kV, 31.5kA, 2500A single busbar
• PIX High - 17.5kV, 50kA, 5000A single busbar
• PIX MCC - 7.2kV, 50kA, 400A single busbar
• PIX 2B - 17.5kV, 25kA, 3150A double busbar.

Main characteristics
Internal arc withstand

• 3 side protection: 40kA/1s, A-FL
• 4 side protection: 40kA/1s, A-FLR
in accordance with AS 62271-200
Protection index
• Air insulated switchgear (AIS)
• Class: PM (metallic partition)
• Loss of service continuity classes: LSC2B
• Units in switchboard: IP3X (IP4X)
• Between compartments: IP2X


• Public distribution, heavy industry, oil and gas,
• Marine
• Motor control - PIX MCC
• Network protection - Sepam, MiCOM or Gemstart
• Intellignet networks - remote management and
monitoring (PACIS)

Remote racking and remote Earth switch operation

A fully-integrated remote racking solution can be provided by Schneider Electric to ensure operator
safety and peace of mind. Electrical, mechanical and key interlocking options can be specified by the
customer for their specific application along with wired and wireless options. The Earth switch of the PIX
panel can also be motorised to provide another level of operator safety.