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Ring Main Unit Flusarc 36

Ring Main Unit (RMU) Flusarc 36

Ring main unit for secondary distribution applications


Flusarc 36 is a sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) insulated ring main unit for secondary distribution applications
with a service
voltage up to 36kV / 630A. It is available for both indoor uses, in compact and modular versions.
Flusarc 36 range includes a number of compact and modular functional units for secondary distribution
Functional units
• C - feeder with switch disconnector
• T1 - feeder with switch disconnector and fuses
• R - direct incoming
• CB - outgoing feeder with vacuum circuit breaker

Main characteristics

Internal arc withstand
• 3 side protection: 20kA/1s, A-FL
In accordance with AS 62271-200
Protection index
• Gas insulated switchgear (GIS)
• Class: PM (metalic partition)
• Tank: IP67
• Switchboard: IP3X
• Between compartments: IP3X


• Commercial, industrial, mining and public distribution.
• Intelligent networks - remote management and
monitoring (PACİS)
• Protection unit - VIP400/VIP410

The disconnector’s
three positions are:

a. service position
b. isolated position
c. Earthing position (in this condition
it is possible to access the
cables partment, in order to
carry out maintenance or to
install cables themselves)