Aysan Elektrik

Trafo Merkezleri

Mobile Centers

Let’s transport your energy together.
Mobile centers are transformer centers which are ready to be powered by means of leading cables at
any moment and fully-equipped with their switching and control mechanisms. M obile power available
wherever you want.

When do we need mobile centers?
• When icing problem is encountered in the transportation,
• When there is no auxiliary transformer and problems are seen in the outfits,
• After natural disasters and when power is needed urgently in the disaster area,
• When transformer substations should be put out of operation in periods of repair, maintenance, etc.
• For short term energy generations, such as several months.

Transfer your energy via Aysan Electric Mobile Centers.

Technical Information

154/33/12 kV 5MVA, 10MVA, 16MVA mobile centers.

Rated Voltage:
High Voltage: From 12 kV to 154 kV
Low Voltage: 12 kV
Short circuit current at 36 kV: 16 kA, 20 kA, 25 kA
Disconnector capacity at 36 kV: 1000 MVA, 1250 MVA, 1600 MVA
Peak short circuit current at 36 kV: 40 kA, 50 kA, 63 kA
Rated frequency: 5o Hz

Damper dimensions
Length: 16m - 18m
Height: 4m – 4.5 m
Width: 3.2m - 3.4m